As far as I can remember, I had a sense of not quite belonging in this body, on this planet, in this universe. Although I had a rewarding career as a singer/songwriter, I still felt like I was missing a crucial part of my being that would help me feel more connected to myself, others, and the world. I often wondered, if it wasn’t just about music, what was my soul’s true purpose, and how could I achieve it? The answer came wrapped in misfortune, but as with all dark clouds, there was a silver lining.

One spring day in 2008, I was stuck by a piercing pain that felt like a migraine on the left side of my face. It lasted all day, and the next day, and all the days after that. The diagnosis was Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia, and it made getting out of bed a challenge, let alone gathering the strength to tour and perform. Since medication didn’t help and I was allergic to opioids, I took a break from work, thinking it would clear up if I meditated, fasted, and did some naturopathic therapies. Do you know the saying, "Man plans, God laughs"? Well, a few months turned into eight years of intense suffering and soul searching to get beyond the pain and darkness.

On the bright side, laying awake in bed for so long led to marathon meditations and spiritual epiphanies, which helped me develop strong powers of concentration and resistance to pain. I also came to realize some of the hardship I experienced was due to empathically merging with people’s energy fields. Part of regaining my health meant growing my ability as a psychic, so I could have compassion for others without being overwhelmed by their distress.

My inner path wound its way through the study of theology and Mysticism, and brought me to the door of wise shamans, religious leaders, healers, therapists, and a few spiritual frauds, all of whom had something to teach, even if it was what not to become. During this time, I developed a relationship with a group of Angelic Healing Guides. With their help, I confronted my issues one by one, until I realized that all suffering is self-created, and I emerged from my own. At that moment I knew the source of everyone’s pain: despair and brokenness, and the fierce attachment to it which drives one deeper and deeper into darkness. Once I faced those inner demons, the neuralgia began to dissolve, and I was finally able to experience true freedom and lasting joy.

I never imagined life would lead to counseling others on their soul journeys, but when the Angels suggested doing it, it felt so right. As people began asking me for intuitive guidance and gaining such positive results from it, I finally had that sense of wholeness and fulfillment I'd always yearned for. In retrospect, everything that has ever happened to me—good or bad—was part of this Divine Plan that I am blessed to share with those who are called to join me.