Every interaction, along with every thought, word and deed, is summoned into being for one purpose: to create what you desire. Which means that all the circumstances of your life—positive or negative—are a reflection of who you are, how far you’ve come and what you still need to grow beyond. By quieting the mind and listening to the inner voice, you can create a healthy, happy, harmonious life. But what happens if you don't hear that voice, or when you do, it's so negative and harsh that you feel hopeless to even try?

One of the greatest lessons of life is learning how to free yourself from the burden of holding and hiding trauma from childhood that follows you into adulthood. It manifests as anxiety, fear, anger, a sense of helplessness, isolation, and self-destructive behavior. Positive thinking cannot always override those dark signals from the unconscious mind, and running away or numbing yourself to reality doesn’t help things either.

Fortunately, this isn’t a task you need to take on alone, especially since the original wounding is not always recognized by you as a source of your current problems. During a session, we set an intention for your Highest Good, and I call upon Angelic Guides to help me sense where you or your desires are out of alignment with truth and Spirit. You can receive the clarity, direction and if necessary, the healing for any issue, including:

- Overcoming conflict, trauma, or loss in personal or business relationships
- Awakening spiritual awareness, discovering your purpose in life, and reconnecting with God
- Mental, emotional, and physical health, and experiencing self-acceptance, inner peace, love and joy as your birthright

The Angels are wise, encouraging, and often have surprising but perfect answers that would never have occurred to you or me in normal conversation. After witnessing this phenomenon repeatedly, I am certain that establishing relationships with our Higher Selves and Angelic Guides is not only essential for personal health and well being, but that of humanity and this planet, as we face increasing levels of societal, environmental, financial and geopolitical dysfunction.

Spiritual insight can lead you beyond fear, pain and limitations, to feeling empowered, whole and free. You are the master of your own life, and when you take full responsibility for it, there is no desire to create in anymore problems— just positive solutions and healthy, satisfying relationships. You feel fully alive, sleep soundly, work happily, and truly enjoy being alone or with others. From this point of wellbeing, your true purpose in life is clear: to become the highest embodiment of who you really are - a Soul In Joy!

Anjani is a certified practitioner in The Art of God as taught by Brooks Greene-Barton, and she is in her second year of Pathwork Helpership Training.

She has also studied Energy Medicine, The I Ching, Chakra Balancing & Toning, Planetary Body Re- Alignment, Qabalah, Tarot, Gemmotherapy, and many other modalities of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing.

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