Books that inspired me...
The Pathwork of Self-Transformation - Eva Pierrakos

Instruction for the inner journey, revealed in a simple but profound way. This is a living text, meaning that when you re-read it, you will often perceive it in a new way that supports your continued growth in consciousness. All of Eva’s books (which are compiled from her lectures given in 1957-79) are wonderful, but if I had to choose one, this is it.

Hermetic Kaballah - Colin Low

Two books fell in my lap while I was searching for something to read: this one and Mystical Qaballah by Dion Fortune. This turned out to be a fascinating treatise for the novice on what can often be dense and arduous material to cover. I actually put off reading the last chapter for a week, because I didn’t want it to end!

Book Of The Dead - Dion Fortune

A short but invaluable guide on the meaning and spiritual process of death, and how to prepare yourself and others for it.

The I Ching Workbook - R.L. Wing

I purchased my copy in 1979, and I still refer to it for guidance. This online site also cites brief passages from Wing:

The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom - Lynda Hill

Every morning I consult this book, and it never fails to pinpoint exactly where I am on the path, and how to proceed. Whether or not you have knowledge of astrology, you can do as I do and ask your Higher Self to suggest the page number you need guidance from.

In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness - Peter Levine

I took a course from Peter on Somatic Experiencing, and his work in healing trauma is very effective.

Spontaneous Evolution - Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., & Steve Bhaerman

Epigenetics proves how biology helps us navigate through evolution and how we can heal ourselves and the planet through our conscious, loving relationships with nature and each other.

Flower Essence Reperatory - Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

I use flower essences because of their safe, gentle, but powerful effect (I especially love the blends from New Millennium Essences). This is a valuable reference for matching emotional dis-ease to healing essence.

Initiations - Paul Sédir, translated by Gareth Knight

Sédir was a genius who, "...could play four games of chess blindfolded at the same time, tot up several long columns of figures simultaneously, and read extremely rapidly by what he called his 'diagonal' method." He was also a wisdom holder and authority on spirituality and Christian mysticism, and he wrote this novel loosely based on his life experiences.

The Last Artifact Trilogy - Gilliam Ness

A fantasy/romance entwined with spiritual wisdom.