My first session with Anjani literally turned my life around. I was able to connect with myself which is huge; then being guided back to balance in such a calm and peaceful way was so profound. I am very grateful.
Dr. Dave Levin, Chiropractor Croatia
Once in a while we are given a rare opportunity in life to connect with a deeper consciousness. Such a meeting can only be facilitated by someone who holds incredible balance, integrity and consciousness themselves. In you, I have found such a soul. The manner in which you unravel issues built up perhaps over many lifetimes, and offer guidance in a gentle yet firm manner speaks of one able to connect within the highest angelic realms. Your ability to clear issues and bring to the fore memories of times gone by in order to examine, deal with and allow said issues to vanquish is a gift from the divine. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.
Brian Faul, Handwriting Analyst South Africa
Heart to heart, spirit to spirit, and soul to soul. Words are so inadequate for your guidance. Thank you with all my heart.
Lee-Ann Chow, Speech Pathologist USA
I have known Anjani for over 5 years now and in all this time, she has never failed to amaze me with her intuition, insights, wisdom and compassion. Anjani knew nothing at all about me when we met, yet she was able to exactly intuit the situation I was in and read the state of my heart/soul simply by being in my presence. She helped me not only understand what is going on intellectually, but to heal and let go of what no longer serves me through connecting with my angels. It has been a learning process for me, but with each layer, Anjani continues to be there to help me let go of anything that does not vibrate in unison with self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, and through that with divine love, compassion and empathy.
Natasha Nuhanovic, Writer Canada
In all my 25 years of working in natural health as a practitioner and as an earnest spiritual student, I have never met anyone like Anjani. Her clarity and her ability to get right into the heart of the issues is unique, as is also her empathy, her patience, and her compassion. With her help, I have gone through a process that has led me, after 25 years of trying, into the very deepest heart of the reasons for my lack of self- worth and self-love, to the original wounding of my psyche at the very deepest level. I have never experienced anything like this before now, and am deeply grateful for Anjani’s help in this, for it has given me a level of self-empowerment in all aspects of my life that I had not thought possible.
Peter Archer, Creator of New Millennium Essences New Zealand
How do you thank someone for helping to save your life? Everything changed for the better after my sessions with you!
William T., Schoolteacher USA